Setting Up Form CTAs with MailChimp

December 31, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

When creating a Form CTA, you will be directed to the service configuration portion of the Form CTA (the first tab). To start, click on the MailChimp icon to create your MailChimp-linked Form CTA.

There are two MailChimp-specific features found in this section: the ability to add a user to a specific MailChimp Subscriber List and the ability to allow a user to "follow" specific Hub content.

Feature #1 - Choose a Subscriber List 

Adding a user to a specific MailChimp list is done by selecting a Subscriber List from the dropdown menu underneath “Select a Mailing list”.  All of your MailChimp Subscriber Lists should populate in this field once you have integrated your account with Uberflip. You must select a Subscriber List in order to proceed.

Click here to learn more about setting up a Form CTA once you've selected a Mailing List.

Feature #2 - Use MailChimp's "Enable Follow" Feature

The "Enable Follow" feature below the Subscriber List section allows you to automatically send your users a weekly digest of select content via a MailChimp email campaign. When this feature is enabled, Uberflip will automatically create a new campaign in MailChimp that will be fed by RSS feeds from your Hub. 

If you want to use this feature:

1. Click the checkbox beside “Enable Follow Feature” and customize your RSS campaign information; 

2. “Content to follow” will be the specific content sent to users that sign up through this CTA.  If you want all of your latest Hub content to be sent (default), then choose “Hub (All Collections”).  If you want a specific Stream, find it in the list and select it.  

3. The “Weekly Schedule” portion is when your MailChimp campaign will automatically send your campaign to your users.  Your options include choosing the day of the week and the time of day.  This information is always changeable, but as we only create one MailChimp campaign per CTA, if you change it after the RSS campaign has already been created, you will be prompted to make sure you want to change the currently active campaign to the settings requested.  

MailChimp makes sure not send any duplicate content and we support the inclusion of up to 20 of your latest items through our RSS feeds.

Click here to learn more about MailChimp's Enable Follow Feature.


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