Enabling Flipbook Tracking with Marketo

November 20, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Uberflip supports Flipbook Tracking as an additional option that can be turned on in the Integrations page for Marketo users.

Finding Everyone Who's Viewed a Specific Flipbook Page

Finding Flipbook Page Views for a Specific Lead

To turn on Flipbook Tracking, visit the Integrations page in your Hub and click on the 'edit' button beside your Marketo integration.

From there, check the 'Flipbook Tracking' checkbox.  This will send user page view data from your Flipbooks to your Marketo account.  

If you have enabled Flipbook Tracking for Marketo, each Flipbook page viewed will be sent to Marketo as a Web Page View with querystring parameters attached. 

The data sent will include:

  • The page number of the page being viewed;
  • The issue name of your Flipbook;
  • The Flipbook’s ID;
  • Whether the user is viewing the Flipbook through the Hub or as a standalone Flipbook; and
  • The Hub Item ID (if applicable).

This information can be used to trigger targeted workflows in your marketing automation tool based on the nature of the content a user is viewing or the frequency at which they view it.

This data is sent based on a viewer's cookie. A cookie is a way to identify a user based on their previous visits to the Hub. These cookies are created and live on the top level domain where tracking is enabled.

If you have a hub at hub.company.com and have your flipbooks at flipbook.company.com, the cookie will be shared across these two domains no matter which website created the cookie because both URLs have 'company.com' as the top level domain.

Thus, any information known about a user from the Hub will also be known by the Flipbook.

Even though this data is being sent to Marketo, it won't be useable until a user has been identified. A Form CTA submission on the top level domain that sends data to Marketo will tie the cookie to a usable email address. Once this happens, you can view that contact and see which Flipbook pages they have viewed.



To Find All Leads Who Have Viewed a Specific Flipbook Page

To find all your Marketo Leads who have viewed a specific page within one of your Flipbooks you will need to create a Smart List that Filters users based on querystring parameters for specific Flipbook attributes.

Click here for more information on creating a Smart List to track Flipbook Page Views.



To Find Which Flipbook Pages a Specific Lead Has Viewed

To find page view information for a specific Lead inside Marketo, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Find the Lead

Find the contact by navigating to their Contact profile through a search in the Lead Database section of your Marketo instance.

Once you've located the Lead, click on the Lead ID Number in the leftmost column to open their Lead Information Window. 

Step 2: View Activity Log 

Navigate to the Activity Log for a Lead. Once opened, look for the web page visit that corresponds with the URL(s) where your Flipbook(s) are hosted. Double click on the event for more information. 

Step 3: View Query Parameters for Flipbook Page View Information

In the Query Parameters section of the pop-up, you'll be able to see the pages the Lead has viewed. In the example below, we know that the user has viewed page 34 of the Flipbook with ID 318726.

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