Setting Up Form CTAs with Marketo

November 20, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

When creating a Form CTA, you will be directed to the service configuration portion of the CTA (first tab). To start, click on the Marketo icon to create your Marketo-linked Form CTA.

Marketo’s Form CTA configuration is optional but can be very powerful.  

Option 1 - Enter a Marketo List

Input a Marketo List name into the text field underneath 'Marketo List (Optional)'. This will ensure that when a user submits the Form CTA, they will be added directly to this list once they fill it out.

Important: if you choose to enter a list here, make sure not to delete that list in your Marketo account!

In the example below, users who fill out the Form CTA would be added to the Marketo List called "Uberflip eBook 4". 

Please note: This should be the name of a Marketo List, not a Marketo Smart List. Check out this helpful post from Marketo for more information on how they differ.

After entering the List name, Uberflip will double check with Marketo to make sure you have spelled it correctly and that the List is valid.  If not, we will inform you and wipe out the value you have input.

Option 2 - Do Not Enter a Marketo List 

If you do not choose a Marketo List for your Form CTA, all leads will flow into your main Leads list in Marketo. To find these leads later, you will have to search or filter in your Lead Database based on the CTA ID number.

Click here to learn more about creating a Form CTA once you've configured Stage 1.

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