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November 20, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Adding, removing, and re-syncing form fields on a Marketo Form CTA is very straightforward.

Form field management can be found in the second 'Layout' tab when creating CTAs, beside the 'Forms Fields' header, in brackets, labelled '(Manage)(see screenshot below).  

Clicking 'Manage' will result in a popup frame that will allow you to customize your form fields. In the manage fields section for a Form CTA, you are also able to:

  • Add new fields;
  • Re-sync field types;
  • Reorder fields;
  • Edit drop down labels;
  • Reorder drop down options; and
  • Remove fields. 

What Fields Can Be Added To CTA's

The following field types are permitted to be used with an Uberflip CTA:  

  • Lead Info Fields (such as First Name, Last Name, Email)
  • Company Info Fields
  • Text Fields
  • Numeric Fields

What Fields are not Supported by CTA's

Unfortunately, these field types are not supported with Uberflip CTA's:

  • Opportunity Info Fields
  • Date Fields

Exceptions: Dropdown fields are not a field type inherently supported in Marketo so you can use text fields and adjust the CTA field to be a 'Select' type. 

Adding Fields

You can add any supported Form CTA field type (text, numeric, dropdowns, checkbox) that exists in your Marketo account to your Form CTA. From a Marketo perspective, you can add all field types with the exception of date times.

To add these fields, simply type the field name into the text field underneath 'Please Enter Marketo API Name' and the predictive text will help you find what you’re looking for.  

Once you find the field press the button to the right of the text field with a plus sign.  If the field was not found or was spelled incorrectly, you will be notified with an error saying, “New field must not be used and exist in your integration”. 

Make sure the field type is supported and the name is correct in this case.  Once successfully added, it will be added to the list of existing fields below the search box.  


Re-syncing Field Types

If at some point you have recreated a field in Marketo and want to change the type on your Form CTA, re-sync the field by clicking the edit icon and then clicking 'Re-sync'.  This will recheck the field type on Marketo's end and make sure we have the right type stored - if we don’t, we’ll change it over.  


Reorder Fields 

To reorder your fields, use the drag and drop template to order the fields however you wish them to appear.

Changing Field Types/Labels

To change a field's label (i.e. you may wish to change 'Phone Number' to 'Business Phone Number'), just click the pencil icon next to the field name and a popup will appear that will allow you to edit field labels, change field types, and build & edit the labels for things like drop down menus. 

If you've set the field to be a Drop Down field type, a new set of options will appear that will allow you to set the Label and Value for each drop down option. The Label is what the user will see on the CTA, the Value is what will show up in your marketing automation tool when the user submits.

Looking to edit the default Email field label? This is a setting you can update using the Hub's Custom Labels section.

Reordering Drop Down Options

To reorder the fields on your Drop Down field types, just use the drag and drop interface to move the fields into the order in which you wish them to appear.

Removing Fields

To remove a field from your Form CTA, just click the small 'X' next to the edit icon on the field you wish to remove.

That's it! You're ready to roll now!

Click here to learn how to set up a Marketo Form CTA.

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