How to Trigger Smart Campaigns with Uberflip in Marketo

November 20, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

By triggering Smart Campaigns based on Uberflip content consumption or lead generation, it's easy to put entire marketing campaigns on autopilot. 

Disclaimer: These methods are just a few of the ways you can trigger Smart Campaigns from your Uberflip and Marketo integration. We offer these as suggestions, but every Marketo instance is different. For guidance on your particular integration, please contact Customer Success.

Triggering a Smart Campaign based on Uberflip content consumption of Form CTA submission takes just a few steps. They are as follows:

Step 1 - Create New Smart Campaign 

After logging in to your Marketo account, navigate to Marketing Activities. From the 'New' dropdown menu, select New Smart Campaign. Choose a Folder and give your new Smart Campaign a Name and a Description. 

Step 2 - Create New Smart List 

Create a new Smart List to find the Leads you'd like to target with the new Smart Campaign. You can use both Triggers and Filters to find the Leads who interacted in some way with your Uberflip content.

Remember: Triggers work based on any "any of the above" basis, with Filters work on an "all of the above", or mandatory, basis. 

(1) For New Leads

If your Hub is helping you generate net new Leads (which it should be!), these new Leads are easy to find using Triggers. You will need to use different Triggers depending on whether you've chosen to add your Form CTA submissions to a specific Marketo List or not, and whether any other Marketo Forms might also be contributing to that List. 

If you are adding your Leads to a Marketo List which is only being used for Uberflip Hub-generated Leads, you can use the "Added to List" Trigger, and enter your List name in the "Select" field. 

You can also use the "Lead is Created" Trigger, which will also work for net new Leads.

If you are adding net new Leads to a Marketo List that is being fed from multiple Form CTAs or other sources, you'll have to add a Filter to your Smart List based on the Web Page Visit.

Because Marketo Triggers work on an "any of the above" basis, you could also add both Triggers to your Smart List to be safe. 

If you would like, you can also use Filters to further define the criteria for the Smart Campaign, such as whether a Lead Score changed, a Web Page was visited, or a List Membership changed.

(2) For Known Users

If you have known Leads in your Marketo Lead Database, you can use a different set of Triggers and Filters to find Leads based on their behavior in your Hub. 

To add known users who might have never submitted a Form CTA but are still consuming content in your Hub, you can use the "Visits Web Page" Trigger and any Hub or Flipbook URL your Leads might have visited. 

If a user has previously filled out a Form CTA in your Hub, you can also use the "Member of List" Filter to target them based on the fact that they would have been added to the List when they originally filled out the Form CTA (or because you've manually added to them to the List at some point). 

If you are using the Custom Field for Conversion Item ID AND have chosen to enable the "Always Update Conversion Item ID" option (found in the Hub Options section), the Conversion Item ID field will be updated in Marketo each time a Lead views a piece of content that has a Form CTA in an Overlay placement. To target these changes, you can use a "Data Value Changes" Trigger with an added constraint that specifies the new value (this will allow you to target specific Hub items).

To target known users who have visited a specific piece of content in your Hub based on their List Membership, you can also use a mix of a "Visited Web Page" Trigger with a "Member of List" Filter

Please Note: If you've already got existing Smart Campaigns set-up to trigger when a user submits a Marketo form, you'll need to update your Smart Lists to trigger based on a Hub CTA submission or some type of engagement with Uberflip content. 

Step 3 - Define Smart Campaign Actions and Steps

Click here for more information from Marketo on how to Define Smart Campaign Actions and Steps. 


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