Marketo + Digesto: How to Send Subscribers Hub Updates

February 29, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Awesome news for Digesto users: You can send out regular updates from your Hub to your Marketo leads!

If you're a Marketo user, and you already have a Digesto account set up, it's pretty easy to create a new digest featuring content from your Hub.

With Digesto and Marketo, you can send out a digest of your Latest Content, or a digest of content from a Stream. 

Step 1 - Create a dedicated Marketo program.

This will be done in Marketo, so here's a link to an article with instructions on setting up a Marketo program for your digest.

In this step, you'll create two lists of subscribers: 1) a TEST list and 2) a list for your actual subscribers. 

We set up a test run of Digesto, and here's what our program and campaign looked like -- notice we've got two campaigns:

If you've set up a TEST list for Digesto before, you might want to clone that list for the new program. Otherwise, you'll start new. As per the instructions above, the test list will be to test your digest, so you might want to add yourself and anyone else on your team.

We recommend editing the qualification rules so that each lead runs through the campaign flow every time. 

Once this step is complete, log out and go to your Hub.

Step 2 - Get the RSS feed link for the Hub or Stream you'd like to share.

Digesto compiles email updates using RSS. 

If you'd like to send an email featuring latest content from your Hub, log in to your Uberflip Hub and look for your Hub URL in the upper left-hand corner.

If you want subscribers to get updates for a specific Stream, click 'Manage Content' in your Hub menu and open the specific Stream you'd like people to subscribe to.

Once there, look for the 'RSS' button in the bar above the Stream Items. 

Copy and paste the link in a notepad or somewhere else where you can get to it later.

Step 3 - Create the Form CTA. 

Now you'll create a new Form CTA that will be dedicated to sending out your Digests.

The 'list' here is not optional: use the list that you created for actual subscribers in Step 1.

Pro Tip: Digesto allows one RSS feed link per digest, so keep this in mind when when placing the CTA. You'll want to make sure the CTA lives somewhere that makes sense for potential subscribers, or design the CTA so subscribers know what they're signing up for.

Step 4 - Digesto your Digest.

Now you'll  bring everything together by creating the digest for your Hub in Digesto. You'll need the RSS link you copied in Step 2 for this, so make sure it's handy.

Go Here: instructions from Digesto.

If you test your Digest, everyone that was in the TEST list you set up in Step 1 will receive a sample of your Digest. 

You'll also need the Program name, Campaign name and Test Campaign name.

Questions? We're here to help!

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