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November 12, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

One of the biggest challenges for marketers – whether they’re beginners or seasoned pros – is utilizing their content to convert visitors into customers.

As a list of contacts becomes bigger and bigger, it becomes even more difficult to target the right people with the right offers. Content marketing can be a very delicate dance as you guide leads toward making a decision when they are ready on their own terms.

This is precisely why you should integrate your Marketo account with Uberflip. By syncing your Uberflip Hub with your Marketo account, you’ll be able to generate highly qualified leads and create campaigns with a better understanding of who exactly your audience is.

How The Marketo / Uberflip Integration Works

The ability to connect an Uberflip CTA to a Marketo landing page or sync a CTA to a Marketo email list provides a seamless experience for the end user while making the process as simple as possible for marketers.

In the Uberflip application, there are 2 types of CTAs you can create:

  1. A Form CTA to collect email addresses, names and companies.
  2. A Link CTA to direct people to a site, post or landing page.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of how you can use Uberflip and Marketo together.

Example #1 – A Form CTA to Set Up A Subscriber List

Creating a list of subscribers to receive regular updates is a great way to develop an ongoing relationship with your leads. 

You can even start to segment different updates to various Smart Lists within Marketo. So, instead of sending one mass weekly digest, send a Stream of featured tweets to contacts that have viewed 3 or more tweets (but no blog posts) and the week’s new blog content to those that have viewed 3 or more blog posts (but no tweets).

Example #2 – CTAs to Download an eBook or Whitepaper

If you’re a modern marketer who subscribes to the Uberflip / Marketo way of doing things (focusing on content marketing and providing real value) then chances are you have existing content to generate and nurture leads. There are three ways you can give people access to your content.

1. Form CTA + Email Follow Up

Use a Form CTA as a direct call-to-action to give users access to a whitepaper. Sync it with the Marketo list associated to that piece of content.

When someone fills out the form to receive the whitepaper, send a follow up email that allows them to download the book immediately.

2. Link CTA + Landing Page

Create a link CTA that directs people to a Marketo landing page that has been created for this content.

3. Success with a Form CTA!

Lastly, you can also use an Uberflip Form CTA's "Success State", which allows you to display the link to download as soon as the form is filled out within your own Hub. This is a less intrusive way of capturing info and provides instant gratification for the user since they receive the content right away.

Example #3 – Use a Form CTA to Trigger a Campaign

Once you’ve captured the contact information you need via a Form CTA (either by asking people to subscribe or enticing them to access gated content) you can trigger an email campaign as soon as the info hits your Marketo account. You can even trigger different campaigns based on which CTA was filled out and what content that particular contact finds interesting.

Example #4 – Lead Scoring & Audience Segmentation

In addition to creating a clear path for your audience to help transition them from visitor to lead, the Uberflip / Marketo integration also provides you with insights into how people are consuming your content, what they find most compelling, and what type of content converts best for you.

In essence, lead scoring not only allows you to determine their level of interest in you (based on engagement) but also lets you determine your interest in them (ie. if they fit within your target demographic).

With Uberflip, you can customize your content to become hyper targeted, by displaying calls-to-actions on specific content pieces. You’ll know exactly which piece of content caught the attention of your audience, allowing you to better customize your lead nurturing.

As you gain more insights into the types of content people are engaging with, lead scoring within Marketo can be refined based on what’s working. This allows you to send more qualified leads to your sales team and make better decisions as you plan out your content marketing strategy!

Click here to learn how to set up your Marketo integration.

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