Setting up Custom Fields in Marketo for your Hub

Here's how to set up your integration to track what your leads are doing in your Hub.

Marketo users will be familiar with this process when integrating with another service. Using these custom fields will allow you to track behavior within your Hub and link it with specific contacts.

After successfully integrating Marketo and your Hub, you should see three buttons beside 'Marketo' in the Integrations section: 'Disconnect', 'Edit' and 'Fields'.

To activate tracking within your Marketo integration, click 'Edit'.

From the 'Edit Settings' screen that pops up, check the 'Content Counters' box:

Hit 'Save'.

Now, from the Integrations page, click the grey 'Fields' button beside your Marketo integration.

As you can see in the below screenshot, a popup will appear with a list of fields you must create for the content you can track. If the fields are in red, they have to be created in your Marketo account.

To create the required Custom Fields in Marketo, follow these steps (see the screenshot below for reference): 

  1. Log-in to your Marketo account;
  2. Click on Admin
  3. Click on Field Management
  4. Click on New Custom Field.

You will then see a New Custom Field pop-up. Enter the Type, Name, and API information as provided to you by Uberflip (see example below for new 'Tweets Viewed' Custom Field).

This is important: Please ensure to reference the correct API Name provided by Uberflip when you are creating your custom fields in Marketo.

Marketo creates a name automatically that, if used, will not work. Copy and paste the field under 'API Name' from the 'Uberflip Fields' box to avoid any problems.

Take the screenshot above as an example. If we wanted to create a Tweets Viewed Custom Field, we would choose 'Integer' in Marketo's 'New Custom Field' box.

Then copy what's under the 'Name' column and paste it as the 'Name' in Marketo for the New Custom Field.

We'd also copy the 'uberflip61539tweetsviewed' value (this one has to be exact), delete what comes up in Marketo automatically, and paste it: 

Once all of these custom fields have been created in Marketo, you can return to Uberflip and click ‘Refresh’ on the integration pop-up to complete the integration.

And that's it! Now when your leads fill out Form CTAs from your Hub, you'll see what Flipbooks and Items they were looking at.

The 'Source - Most Recent' Field

One of the mandatory fields that you will have to add to your Marketo account is 'Source - Most Recent'. Add this field following the instructions above. Be sure to copy and paste the API name so that it's exact!

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