Working with Different Workspaces/Partitions

Uberflip does not have not have the functionality to link directly with different Marketo workspaces/partitions.  Uberflip does allow you to pass Lead's into the main Marketo Lead Database, however, and from there it is possible to designate Leads into partitions/workspaces using Assignment Rules or Marketo Flows.

Marketo has several built-in tools that allow you to move Lead's between partitions/workspaces, including Assignment Rules and Smart Lists. This article will walk you through how to move Leads between Marketo's default Lead Database (or the default partition) and other partitions. 


Marketo Partition Tips to Remember

Working with Lead partitions/workspaces can be complicated at times. Here are a few things to remember: 

  • Leads can belong to only one partition
  • Viewing a Lead's partition can be done by adding the "Lead Partition" column to lists in the Lead Database or by visiting a Lead's detail page 
  • Changing a Lead's partition after it's been set can be done using a Change Lead Partition flow step in a Smart Campaign or as a Lead action in the Lead Database 
  • Leads are only visible in workspaces that contain the Lead's partition as well

Click here to view more FAQs about Marketo partitions and workspaces.


Using Assignment Rules to Change Partitions

You'll need to rely upon Uberflip-specific fields like Source_Most_Recent or uf_conversion_item_id to move Uberflip leads into the correct partitions. When these field values are set on a Lead record, you'll know that Lead came from, or was associated with, an Uberflip Hub.

To create a new Assignment Rule, login to your Marketo account and visit the Admin > Security > Workspaces & Partitions section. In the toolbar that appears, click on Assignment Rules.

Create a new Assignment Rule by first clicking the Add Choice button.

You can then specify an Uberflip-specific field value that can be used to assign Leads to specific partitions.

For example, you might want to listen for Uberflip CTA IDs from a Hub by relying on the Source - Most Recent field to assign a partition. In the screenshot below, all Leads with a Source - Most Recent field that contains UF-CTA-12345-CTA-Name will be assigned to the Canada partition.

Alternatively, you could also rely upon the uf_conversion_item_id or uf_conversion_item_title fields to assign a Lead to a partition. In the screenshot below, all Leads with uf_conversion_item_id equal to 123456789 will be assigned to the Canada partition.


Using Smart Lists to Change Partitions

You can also use Smart Lists to change a Lead's partition. To do this, you can either create a new Smart List or use an existing Smart List (i.e. you may already have Smart Campaigns powering certain activities). Make sure you've added Triggers or Filters in the Smart List that listen for Uberflip conversion activity.

In the example below, the Smart List is configured with a Data Value Changes Trigger that fires when the uf_conversion_item_id updates.

In the Flow step, use the Change Lead Partition found in the Special flow step folder. Select your desired partition from the drop down list.


Using Multiple Partitions

If you're in a position in which multiple partitions could have Uberflip leads flowing into them (i.e. you may have partitions for separate countries, each of which has its own Uberflip Hub), there are several approaches you can take (given that Hub IDs are not something that Uberflip passes with conversions into Marketo out of the box) to ensure Leads are routed correctly.

Those approaches are: 

  • Create a new Custom Field in Marketo for Hub ID and add that hidden field to all Marketo Form CTAs in the Hub. Then, through the use of Custom Code you could pull the Hub ID from the meta tag on all Hub pages and create a workflow step to the partition based on Hub ID
  • Set your partition by using the CTA-ID number that was submitted when a Lead converts on a Form CTA in the Hub. Every CTA in Uberflip has its own unique 5-digit identifier that will update into the Lead Source or Source - Most Recent fields when a Form CTA is submitted. With this approach, it is necessary to include all of a given Hub's CTAs in the workflow that moves a Lead into a specific partition. Accordingly, whenever a new Form CTA is created in Uberflip the specific Marketo workflow would need to be updated to ensure that Leads are pushed to the proper partition

Any additional questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact Uberflip's Support Team at  

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