Creating a Sub-Account

January 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

The main feature of a Master Account is the ability to create and manage Sub-Accounts, which can be logged into directly OR used by the Master as if you were logged in directly to the Sub-Account, so you can upload, enhance and access distribution tools for you and your client's content.

NOTE:  Each Master has a limit on number of Sub-Accounts depending on the Account level, and adding additional Sub-Accounts beyond the maximum is subject to additional monthly charges.

To create a Sub-Account, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Log-in To Your Master Account

You can only create Sub-Accounts when using your Master Account.  If you are logged in as a previously created Sub-Account you will not be able to access the Master Account tools.

Step 2 - Access the Create Account Screen

To get started, click Accounts from the top menu and click the blue + Add a New Account button

Step 3 - Configure and Create New Sub-Account

Referring to the screenshot below, complete as follows:

(1) Account Status

Choose whether you want your new account to be instantly active OR disabled to start.  If any Sub-Account is disabled, no Flipbooks will load up and users will not be able to log into the account directly.

(2) Profile Details and Options

Enter the username and all other contact details that will apply to this Sub-Account.  

Username Notes:

  • letters, numbers and hyphens (-) only (no other special characters allowed)
  • must be between 3 and 40 characters
  • username must not begin or end with a hyphen (-)

The Options tab is reserved for future features

(3) Permissions

You can choose which tools, features and abilities the Sub-Account will have once created.  You can always edit a Sub-Account's permissions post creation as well.  See this article for more on Sub-Account permissions.

(4) Create Account / Redirect to Account Details on Success

Once you have configured the new Sub-Account as desired, you can click on the "Create Account" button.  You can check the box for "redirect to Account Details on success" if you want to immediately manage the new Sub-Account, otherwise leave unchecked if you want to create another new Account after submission.

Profile Details

Enter all the contact information that applies to the new Sub-Account (each is referenced in the screenshot below): 

(1) Account Status

Make sure this is set to Active for any new accounts you wish to create.

(2) Profile Details

Enter all profile information in the fields listed.

(3) Permissions

Customize permissions for each sub-account you create.


Step 4 - Allocating Upload Credits to your New Sub-Account 

In order to create Flipbooks under your new Sub-Account,  you'll need to give it some Upload Credits.  See this article for more information on that process.

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