Editing an Existing Sub-Account

January 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Editing your existing Sub-Accounts will allow you to update information and customize permissions for the account.

To Edit an existing Sub-Account, follow the below steps:

(1) Log-in to your Master Account;

(2) From the Welcome Screen, click on the "Accounts" menu button OR the "Manage my  Accounts" icon;

(3) Search for the Account in question OR choose the Account from the list of all your Accounts; and

(4) Click Edit next to Profile Details and you will be taken to the Edit Account screen.

Configuring your Account

In the account configuration screen there are multiple tabs, but a few elements will display at all times:

(1) Account Status

Choose if you want your new Sub-Account to be created as Active(default) or Disabled. You can always adjust this later by editing your Sub-Account.

(2) Permissions

This is where you can toggle on/off the accesses you want to give your Sub-Account  (See this article for more information)

(3) Profile Details

Enter all the contact information that applies to the Account. 


Note: As of 2013-05-14, Environment Setting is now deprecated.  The default setting of "Folder/Flipbook" will apply to all new Accounts without an option to change.  Any Account that is currently using one of the other environment settings will continue as is until they choose the default "Folder/Flipbook" setting, after which they will no longer have an option to change.

Here you can select other optional settings that will apply to the Account:

Environment Settings - Different publishing industries may interact better with the Application if applicable terminologies are used. 

  • Default: "Folder", "Flipbook"
  • Magazine: "Title", "Issue"
  • Newspaper: "Paper", "Edition"
  • Corporate and General Business: "Folder", "Document"
  • Education: "Course", "Manual"
  • Corporate Education: "Course", "eKit"

Once you have selected all of the options/settings required for your new Sub-Account, click on the Save Changes button.

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