Managing Sub-Account Requests for Additional Flipbook Upload Credits

January 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

If your Sub-Accounts are being logged into directly by clients, customers, or members of your internal teams, they have an option to send an email to the Master Account address indicating they are in need of some more Upload credits. 

NOTE:  The Upload transfer must be done manually by the Master Account.  See this article for details on transferring Upload credits to Sub-Accounts

The request for additional Flipbook Upload credits can be accessed in 2 scenarios:

Option 1 - Sub-Account Knows They Are Running Low and Can Request Additional Uploads Ahead of Time

Log-in to the Sub-Account can click on the Account Settings option from the drop down menu in the top right of application. From there, click Request More Uploads.

A popup will appear and the Sub-Account user enters the number of Flipbook upload credits needed, and clicks submit to send the email to the Master account email address.

Option 2 - Sub-Account Has Zero Upload Credits and Tries to Upload Again

If a Sub-Account clicks on an "Upload PDF" link anywhere in the Application and they don't have any Upload credits available, they will be prompted to request additional Upload credits via the "Request Uploads" popup.

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