Understanding Your Master Account's Accounts Screen

August 21, 2011 Uberflip Customer Success

By logging in to your Master Account and clicking on the Accounts button in the master horizontal menu bar, you'll be able to access your Accounts screen where you can sort on ID, Company, Country, Created Date, Last Visited, and more.

Master's Sub-Account Screen

From this screen you can also (refer to above screenshot):

(1) Add a new Account

  • Quick access to the Create New Account screen

(2) Search Your List of Sub-Accounts with Filter Options

  • Extremely useful if you have a large list of Sub-Accounts
  • Enter in the search term and click Search button
  • To narrow your search even further you can use the filters

(3) Export to CSV Option

  • Export your full list OR filtered list to a CSV file for further analysis

(4) Choose Number of Results Per Page and Sort by Header

  • Paginate your results list with views of 10, 25, 50 or 100 Accounts per page
  • Click on the header fields for ID, Username, Company, Contact, Created, Uploads or Account Type to sort.  Click again to toggle between ascending and descending
  • Filter results by your Sub-Accounts' last login date

(5) Access your Sub-Accounts with a Single Click

  • In the username column you will see the list of all Accounts under your Master Account and information such as Account ID, Company and Contact Name.
  • Click on the username in this column to get to the Manage User Account screen where you can view, edit and manage that Account as if you were logged into it directly.

(7) Uploads currently left for that Sub-Account

  • See how many Uploads are remaining for that Sub-Account. Each Upload allows for one PDF to be uploaded and converted by the system.
  • Click on the header "uploads" field to sort.

Quick Access Tools for Each Sub-Account

  • Access the Manage User Account screen (magnifying glass icon):  Just like #4 above get to the Manage User Account  screen where you can view, edit and manage that account as if you were logged in directly to that Account
  • See ALL Flipbooks for that Account (documents icon):  Access a list of ALL Flipbooks created for ALL of your Sub-Accounts.  Select and manage these Issues as if you were logged into their Accounts directly.
  • Edit Account(paper and pencil icon): Access the edit account screen to make changes
  • Delete Account (trash can icon):  Completely deletes the account and ALL Folders, Flipbooks, and Uploads that are associated with that account.  DO NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT UNLESS COMPLETELY SURE YOU NEED TO.  PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT BEFORE YOU EVER DELETE AN ACCOUNT.
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