What is a Master Account?

A Master Account allows for the creation and management of Sub-Accounts.

Unlike a regular Account, there is no uploading or updating of content directly through a Master Account.  Rather, while logged into a Master Account, you  can manage any Sub-Accounts as you would if you were logged into those Accounts directly.

A Master Account gives you the ability to distribute licenses to your Sub-Accounts as well, so new PDF uploads can take place through those Sub-Accounts.

You can also access usage reports through a Master Account to show all PDF uploads and any email campaign history of your Sub-Accounts.

When logged into your Master Account you will always view the master account horizontal menu bar at the top of your screen (the pink bar on top on the grey bar):

  • Accounts: See the list of all Sub-Accounts under your Master Account where you can select and use them as if you were logged in directly.
  • Flipbooks:  Access a list of ALL Flipbooks created for ALL of your Sub-Accounts.  Select and manage these Flipbooks as if you were logged into their Accounts directly.
  • FTP Schedule:  Access a schedule of all completed and upcoming FTP jobs for ALL of your Sub-Accounts' Flipbooks.
  • Usage Report:  Access reports to show how your Flipbook Upload Credits have been utilized, and how you've allocated Upload Credits to Sub-Accounts over a given reporting period.
  • Trash Can: Access a list of ALL recently deleted Flipbooks within the last 72 hours for ALL of your Sub-Accounts with the ability to restore these issues.
  • Hubs: View any Hubs that exist in your Sub-Accounts.

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