Excluding Your IP Address From Metrics Calculations

January 29, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

You may wish to have Metrics ignore certain IP addresses for reporting purposes. This is useful when ensuring that Metrics do not track testing behaviors that will provide inaccurate results (i.e. Average Time/Page being affected by visits from your marketing team).

Please note that Metrics will only be able to exclude an IP address from reporting once it has been entered into the system. We are unable to backtrack and ignore IP addresses prior to them being entered into your settings.

Step 1 - Select "Exclude IP Addresses" from the Metrics Dashboard

Enter IP Addresses

Enter up to 10 IP addresses and separate them with commas.  Alternately,  add a range of IP addresses defined using a dash (-).


Your IP Addresses are now set up and will be excluded from your Reports!


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