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January 28, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Uberflip's powerful Metrics platform gives you unprecedented insight into how your prospects, customers, fans, and followers are engaging with your content.

To get you started, here's a basic overview of how Uberflip's Metrics platform works.

What is a Metric?

A Metric is a total or an average representing a key piece of information about your audience’s engagement with your content. Unique Visitors, Page Views, Zooms, Link Clicks, Social Sharing - those are just some of the Metrics you can access for your Hub.

What is a Report?

A Report is what is used to determine a Metric's value. Each Metric consists of a number of Reports that pertain to that specific Metric. In other words, a Metric is a snapshot of a statistic and its Reports are the details. 

How do I access Metrics?

Log into your account and you'll see the Metrics button prominently displayed in the top toolbar. For Master accounts, you'll need to select one of your Sub-Accounts first to be able to access the Metrics for that Sub-Account.

What Can I Do With Metrics?

Metrics gives you insight into how your Hub and Flipbooks content is performing via Reports.  You can view these reports within the Application, export the Report to your local hard drive for further analysis OR schedule automated emailing of your Reports for easy access in you and your team's Inbox.

Ready to dive a level deeper? 

Check out the Metrics we track for your Hub and Flipbooks.

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