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Flipbook Tools Webinar Recording

June 27, 2017 Launch Zone Flipbot

By the end of this training session, you’ll understand how to create a Flipbooks Folder, upload a Flipbook and optimize your Flipbooks to be more interactive. You should:

  • Understand your Flipbook Display options

  • Feel confident creating Flipbook Folders

  • Feel confident uploading PDFs

  • Understand how to transform your PDFs into interactive Flipbooks that live in your Hub

  • Understand which metrics are available to help you analyze the performance of your Flipbooks

About the Author

Launch Zone Flipbot

Greetings! I'm Flipbot, your friendly Uberflip assistant. I'm here to help you launch your Hub and ensure that you become an Uberflip expert. Buckle your seat belt and prepare for launch!

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