How to Integrate Optimizely with Your Hub

April 22, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Integrating your Hub with Optimizely can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to A/B testing and can help you boost engagement, interactions, and conversions on your Hub. 

If you're new to Optimizely, you can learn more about it's many amazing features here. A few of the many things you might test in your Hub include: 

  • Which titles and headlines drive more content click-throughs? 
  • Which color of CTAs drives more engagement?
  • Does direct copy work better than playful copy (for CTAs)?  
  • Do certain types of images foster more engagement than others?  

If you've already configured your integration and are looking for help with setting up experiments, please click here. Otherwise, follow the steps below. 



Step 1 - Create New Web Project in Optimizely

Log-in to your Optimizely account to create a new Project that can be dedicated specifically for tests on your Hub. Give your Project an easy to remember name and click Create Project.


Step 2 - Configure jQuery Settings (Don't Worry, It's Easy)

Once your Project is created, head over to the Settings tab and click on Javascript. To ensure that Optimizely's magic snippet can do its work on your Hub, you'll need to make sure you've checked "Do not include jQuery in project code" under the jQuery Settings 


Step 3 - Copy Project ID 

From the Settings tab, click on Implementation. Find your Project ID and make note. This is the key piece of information you'll need to connect Optimizely with your Hub.


Step 4 - Access Your Hub's Integrations Page

Pop over to your Uberflip Hub and access the 'Integrations' tab. Find the Optimizely integration and click the blue 'Connect' button.


Step 5 - Enter Project ID 

On the pop-up that appears, paste your Optimizely Project ID into the field and click 'Connect'.

That's it! Your Hub is now connected with Optimizely and you can put your optimization chops to the test by creating Experiments. One important step to remember when creating Experiments is that you must first change the Activation Mode settings to Manual. Read more about that here.

Ready to start running A/B tests and Experiments on your Hub? Click here to learn more about how to get started.

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