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November 2, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

Wondering how you can add an author and author bio to your articles and content? Or maybe you have seen an author profile on another Hub (even one of ours!) like the one below. This article will walk through how you can set up your authors, add social media links, and add an author image and bio.

In order for an 'About the Author' section to display on your articles, the author must first be setup as a user within the 'Organization' area of your Hub. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you need to give the author access to your Hub. If the user has already been set up in your Hub, skip Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: Create a new user

Visit the 'Organization' area of your Hub and select '+ New User'.

Step 2: Assign the 'author' role

Fill in their 'First Name' and 'Last Name'. If you don't want to give them access to the backend of your Hub, leave the email address field blank. 

Under 'Groups', select 'Authors'.

Click 'Add User'.

Step 3: Add an author image

Under 'User Information', upload an author image by selecting the pencil on the avatar. 

Step 4: Add an author 'bio' and social links

Fill in any relevant social media links like a link to the author's LinkedIn profile, their Twitter handle, or their website.

Fill in the author's bio. As a best practice, we would recommend writing this bio in the third person.

You now have a beautiful author profile that can be added to any item in your Hub.

Step 5: Add an author to an article

In the 'Metadata' section of a piece of content, you can add your author to the item. 

Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946.

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