User Groups: Understanding Permissions

September 11, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

User Groups allow you to customize your team’s roles by assigning permissions at a Group level, and you can create new groups specific to your organizational needs. For example, you could create a ‘Social Media Coordinator’ Group and assign the permissions to share content but not be able to edit or delete content.

A user added to multiple Groups will receive the permissions of each group. Removing a member from any given group will remove their related permissions.

If you're new to Uberflip and bringing your team on board, or if you have new team members who need access to the platform, below you'll find a breakdown of the roles and their default permissions:

Specific Permissions by User Group

Team Roles 

Content Manager

The Content Manager has access to nearly all Uberflip functionality, with the exception of adding or removing team members, managing or moving Hubs, access to beta products, API access, profile editing, or Custom Domains.


What can an Author do?

Authors can create new drafts in Blog Streams and edit their own content, but don't have the ability to publish content. In addition, they can access the Hub and Item embed options, view Team Members, and view Hubs. Authors cannot add, edit, or delete Flipbooks and Folders; access the Page Editor in Flipbooks; or view Metrics. Only Team Leads can change these permissions. 

Author vs. Inactive Author

Think of an Inactive Author as a contributor or guest blogger. They don't have an email address in your Hub, or any bio/social media information. Inactive Authors can be assigned to Hub items, but they cannot write or create articles, manage any content, or login to your Hub. 

An Author is a Team Member on your account (if their email address has been added), and they can write and edit draft articles they've created. 

Sales Rep. 

Read-only access to the Hubs management section, content score, and the embed features.

Sales reps can view Hubs, access Hub and embed options, and view Team Members. 

Sales reps cannot create or edit Flipbooks, view the Metrics Dashboard, add or edit Integrations, create, edit or manage CTAs, or create or edit Blog Items.


Access to the Metrics section of your Uberflip account.

Analyst's can view Hubs, view Team Members, and access the Internal Metrics Dashboard which includes Reports, Email Settings and Comparison Matrix. 

Demand Generation accounts cannot add or manage Team Members, appearance and branding options, manage or move Hubs, or add and / or delete Custom and Content Streams. 

Developer / Designer 

Access to the Appearance section of Hubs, Flipbooks, embed features, and the ability to manage the overall look and feel. 

Account Administrator 

Users in this group automatically receive all global permissions and licenses.

Demand Generation

Access to the lead generation tools including calls-to-action, marketing automation integrations and metrics. 

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