Embedding - Video, Audio & SWF Animation (No Longer Available)

January 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

This feature is a Legacy Feature which is no longer available on any pack type

The system allows you to upload and embed Video, Audio and Animations in the pages of your Flipbooks.  We'll host the files on our side so you don't have to worry about referencing a 3rd party hosting solution.

First lets talk about formats that our system will accommodate:

  • Video: You can upload your video in multiple formats but we recommend you use FLV.  Video formats that the Application accepts are mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, ogv, ogg, wmv, avi, flv
    The converted FLV video file will be displayed on the Desktop and our system converts from FLV to MP4 file for view on Mobile
    • Recommended Video Specifications for Optimal Display on Flipbooks:
      • Container: .FLV
        Audio Codec: AAC or MP3
        Audio Sample rate: 48 khz
        Video Codec: H.264
        Frame rates: 24fps or 30fps
        Video Bitrate: 2,500 kbps or less
        Resolution: 4:3 or 16:9

We convert your Videos for use in Desktop and Mobile Flipbooks per below:

  • Video codec: H.264
    Audio codec: AAC
    Video bitrate: 400-800kbps
    Desktop Format: FLV
    Mobile Format: MP4
    • Your Video Resolution MUST be even numbers in width and height.  Odd number resolutions will fail upon processing.
    • If you upload an FLV file, we will not perform a conversion for the Desktop platform file.  Rather, we will use that same FLV file you provide for the Desktop platform (and still convert to MP4 for Mobile).  If you find you are uploading a non FLV file and the quality of the Desktop conversion is less than satisfactory, please convert your original file to FLV then upload.   The quality of the desktop platform will exactly match your original quality with that route.
    • We also recommend you provide a file that uses H264 encoding which can help remove some of the variables involved in our conversion to best match the original video source quality.
  • Audio: Upload your audio in MP3 format only.  MP3 is viewable on both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Animations:  Upload your animations in SWF format only.  ActionScript 3.0 only.  NOTE: SWFs are viewable on Desktop platform only, not mobile
    NOTE:  Max File size for all formats is 50 Megabytes

How to Embed your rich media files

All rich media management can be done through the Page Editor (Access Page Editor image) and the Rich Media Tool tab RichMediaIcon.png(Rich Media Tool image).

To access your Page Editor, select a Flipbook from the 'Manage Folders & Flipbooks'(1) , then select the Folder you wish to View(2), and then select the Flipbook you want to add an item to(3).


Rich Media Tool - This is found on the Right hand side of the Page Editor - In the Tabs it will say Audio/Video Upload


From the Rich Media Tool you can:

  • "Upload a new audio/video file" to our system. Click that link and a popup will appear where you can name and upload the file to our system(Media File Upload Popup Image below)
  • Choose any uploaded media file for placement on one of your pages (Choose Media File Image below)
  • Use the placement zone box to choose the location and size of the embedded media file(Media Placement Zone Box image below)
  • Just click place_button.png at the bottom of the right hand side tool area to finish embedding the media file
  • You can edit/delete any media placements by clicking on the outlined box in the page area designated by the RichMediaIcon.pngicon(Edit Media Placement 1 image below).  Once you have highlighted the box you can change the details and save, delete or cancel in the bottom of the right hand tool area (Edit Media Placement 2image below)


FLV:  If you want to change the size/shape of the original video dimensions, click the Unlock Ratio option to resize the placement box openly  

FLV: You can choose to Auto play(Video will begin playing as soon as page loads) or Auto-hide Controls(video player controls will only show when mouse is hovering over area  

MP3: You can choose to Auto play (Audio will begin playing as soon as page loads)  

SWF:  You can choose an Interactive option if your animation involves interaction through mouse clicks or hovers etc.

Media File Upload Popup 

Choose Media File - From the list you will be able to choose from any of the uploads you have done


Media Placement Zone Box - Select the area you want to have your Media played in


Edit Media Placement 2 - Make final adjustments to the Media


Updated January 25th/2015

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