How to Add Clippings (No Longer Available)

January 28, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

You can embed clippings objects in the desktop version of your Flipbook. This will allow users to print and email parts of your book, such as coupons, mailer forms, images, or any other area of your publication.

Create clippings using the page editor, which can be found in your Flipbook settings. To access this screen, select a Flipbook from the 'Manage Folders & Flipbooks' section of your account (see images below).

Step 1 - Accessing Page Editor

While logged in to your Uberflip account, go to Flipbooks > Manage Flipbooks. Select a Folder to manage and click on a Flipbook cover image to edit that Flipbook. 

From there, just select the blue Load in Page Editor button under Flipbooks Options > Enhance on the popup that appears.

Create Your Clipping

Once in Page Editor mode, click on the Page_Editor_-_Clippings_Icon.png icon in the tool menu on the right hand side and do the following (refer to the below screenshot):

(1) Use the resizable/moveable zone box to define the area of your selected page you want to become a clipping;

(2) Enter a clipping title;

(3) Enter a caption or description of your clipping;

(4) Choose a style for your clipping (border or no border);

(5) Click Create Clipping to save your new clipping; and

(6) Your saved clipping will be displayed on your page with that scissors icon in the top left corner.

Editing Your Clipping

Click on an existing clipping box and a popup window will display where you can edit the clipping title, clipping caption and clipping style.  You cannot edit the placement of the clipping because of the possibility of an end user saving a clipping in mid change and not reflecting the choice they initially made.

If you need to change the placement of a clipping, you must delete the existing clipping and create a new clipping in your newly chosen area.

Flipbook View of Clippings

In the Flipbook, visitors will be able to print OR place ALL of their clippings in the clipping basket.

Looking at the screenshot below you can see:

  • The clipping on top has a blue border and the bottom clipping has no border.  With either style, when a user hovers their mouse over the clipping, they will be presented with two tools:
  • Save to clipping basket tool: The scissors icon in the clipping itself saves to basket and the scissors icon in the toolbar will access the clipping basket
  • Print to your local printer

Clipping Basket

When users click on the scissors icon in the toolbar they can see all of their saved clippings in the clipping basket popup where they can print, email or remove from the basket.

Video Tutorial

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