How to Embed Google Maps Using Flipbook Page Widgets

January 27, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

A great use of a Page Widget is to embed a Google Map object on pages of your Flipbook. 

You can use the Custom Script page widget which allows HTML code to be embedded in your Flipbook.

Step 1 - Get Google Maps Embed Code

Go to Google Maps, and choose your map location. Click the Link icon and copy the HTML content that appears under the Paste HTML to embed in website heading. 

Step 2 - Page Editor > Custom Script Access

Load your Flipbook in Page Editor mode and find your way to the Widgets tab. Near the bottom of the panel, click on the Custom Script icon.  

On the popup that appears, paste the HTML from Google Maps and click Save & Close.

That's it! You've embedded a Google Map into your Flipbook using the Page Editor.

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