The Basics: Uberflip & Pardot

November 12, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

Marketing automation is often only as good as the insights that you feed it. With better insights, we can prioritize higher quality leads in order to maximize Pardot's potential, and minimize wasted attention and resources.   

Setting Up Your Pardot Integration

Pardot can be synced with your Hub's Form CTAs to funnel the lead data that they collect directly to your Pardot database and trigger your automated lead nurture campaigns.

Creating Your Pardot Form CTA

Creating a Pardot Form CTA works much the same as our other marketing automation integrations. Just head over the Calls-to-action  part of your Hub and add a new Form CTA by selecting Pardot.

As an important first step, you can select a Pardot List to add users who fill out your Form CTA to.

Leveraging Your Pardot Form CTA

Once you've successfully created your Pardot Form CTAs, you can start using them to generate new leads.

Build a Subscriber List 

Every successful lead nurturing campaign starts with generating a subscriber list that brings leads into your sales funnel. By using CTAs that make sense in the context of your Marketing Stream, you can increase the likelihood of visitors converting into subscribers.

For example, the CTA below would be most compelling in a Marketing Stream dedicated to blogging topics:

You also have the option to feature a CTA at the item level so that the CTA remains in the visitor's experience of your content as they watch your video tutorials or scroll through your blog posts. How and when you want to position your CTAs is entirely in your hands.   

Gate Your Premium Content

Your best content (ebooks, white papers, webinars) can be leveraged to gather leads by asking for information in return. 

Most times this is achieved by bringing visitors to an external landing page, breaking them away from the experience of consuming your content.

However, Overlay CTAs offer an alternative that lets you ask for information without removing visitors from your content. You can determine whether to present a delay before asking visitors for information and whether the Form CTA should be mandatory or optional to fill out.

Accurate Lead Scoring and Better Segmentation

Your Hub lets you connect all your content into a cohesive experience. This is a great way to deliver more accurate lead nurturing campaigns based on each visitor's interests, level of engagement, behavioral patterns and so on all in the experience you create with your Hub.

There are plenty of behaviors Pardot tracks that you can use to set rules and score leads to better understand your prospects. One feature worth mentioning with Pardot is the ability to track and set rules based on how much time a visitor spends with a piece of content. This can help you qualify engagement to avoid nurturing dead ends.

By using the available tools in tandem with the content experience that you create with Hubs, marketing automation works faster, smarter, and creates better lead nurturing campaigns by providing more relevant messaging and insights.  

Click here to learn how to set up your Pardot integration.

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