Using Query String Parameters with Pardot

November 20, 2014 Uberflip Customer Success

If a user was linked to an Item inside your Hub through a URL that included a query string, this data will also be passed over to Pardot when a Form CTA is submitted during that session.

This is a very useful feature for tracking users who came from a specific campaign, social media platform, geography, etc. 

For example, take the URL with the added query string: In this case, the text ?location=canada has been manually added to the back of the Hub Item or Hub URL that is being publicly shared with users through an email or social media campaign, for instance.  

If this has been set up, upon submitting a Form CTA in the same session they came to the Hub from this URL, we will also try to update the field “location” in Pardot with the result “canada”.  

Using query strings with your Hub content is quick and easy, but does require a bit of set-up.

Finding the Right Field Name in Pardot

To find the right field name in Pardot for your query string parameter, log-in to your Pardot account and complete the following steps: 

  1. Visit
  2. Locate the value under 'Field' you wish to update with your query string parameter (depending on the Field, it will be listed under Custom Fields or Default Fields).

In the example below, we're looking to find the field named 'Source', which has a Pardot Field ID of "source" (with a lower case 's'). 

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