Crop Your PDF to Single Page Format

November 15, 2010 Uberflip Customer Success

Uberflip Flipbooks require that a PDF be in single page format.  A double page spread will be treated by the system as a single page and will not display your publication correctly.  

Any double page spread pages must be cropped to 2 separate pages of the same size.  We always recommend Adobe Acrobat for this kind of formatting.

Depending on your version of Acrobat Pro, your crop tool will be found in different places. Here is an article from Acrobat on using their Crop Tool:

If any of your PDF pages are double page spread like this:


You will need to crop this page and split into two pages:



If your entire document is in a two page spread, you can apply the left hand crop for all pages and save a left hand page PDF.  Do the same for the right hand side pages then you will have to merge the two files, ensuring your pages get put into the correct order in one PDF.

You can see that the above pages also contain crop marks which are used by paper printers.  

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