PDF Requirements and Recommendations

August 24, 2009 Uberflip Customer Success

Here are some key formatting practices that will ensure you get the best results with your uploaded publications.

The following outlines how you can format your PDF (using Adobe Acrobat® up to PDF version 1.6).

The Basics

  •  All the pages must be merged into one file (We recommend an Optimized PDF).
  • The number of pages allowed per PDF conversion varies based on Account type. Enterprise, Elite, and Exclusive accounts have a page limit of 1200 per PDF.  
  • 500 MB maximum file size.
  • Single page cropped (no double page spreads) and remove all crop marks.
  • All page sizes must be consistent with a maximum surface area of 430 square inches. No minimum size requirement, but best to keep above 5 inches width and height to ensure quality is acceptable when pages are viewed on larger screens.
  • All pages must be in the same orientation. Either in Portrait or in Landscape mode.
  • All pages must be in the correct order.  You will not be able to re-order the pages post upload (although you can replace pages post upload).
  • Secured PDFs will be processed, but any security settings on the PDF will be removed during processing.
  • Avoid text as images. Only use "real" text (FONTS) so your Flipbook looks sharp even on zoom and can be found by search engines.
  • Embed ALL fonts in your publication - Use fonts that are installed on your system AND are permitted to be embedded.
  • Avoid CID fonts if possible as they may not be extracted or displayed properly.
  • Embedded Open Type Fonts (EOT) are not supported for the Desktop platform and will likely not display at all on Flipbook pages.
  • Use an RGB Color Space for most accurate color conversion 
  • Merge all layers and flatten all transparencies.
  • Avoid Overprint Elements if possible.  These may not render correctly in the Desktop Flipbook.
  • Delete clipping paths when possible to avoid white ghost lines in your actual PDF, which can show upon conversion.
  • No embedded scripts, media(video/audio) or buttons will be maintained post upload to the system.
  • PDF Comments will NOT be shown after upload.
  • We do not support PDF version 1.7+.  Although the PDF may be processed, some errors may occur. Please review your PDF if you provide a 1.7 version.


  • Your Flipbook will maintain links and create articles from bookmarks post upload to our system. We even support nested bookmarks! 
  • Our system should also recognize if you are bookmarking or linking to a Named Destination in your PDF and reflect that internal page link in the Flipbook conversion!
  • Of course, you can use our Auto-Link tool to create links from URLs and email addresses as well. 


Gradient Conversions

  • If you see any problems with gradients post-conversion, and the forced vector/engine options above do not work, you can try to Print to PDF from Adobe Acrobat using the Adobe PDF print plugin  


  • We do not recommend binding multiple PDF files into one PDF file.


  • Also, check this post which contains a link to an Adobe® article on a known issue with clipping lines appearing in your PDF

For further instructions on how to edit your PDF file, here are some helpful links:

You can also check out this blog post with other good practices for formatting a PDF.


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