How do I remove the 'Pin It' button from Images in my Hub?

April 7, 2016 Tyler Ryll

Don't want people sharing images from your Hub on Pinterest? Here's how you stop the 'Pin It' button from showing up in your Hub.

Step 1 - Go to 'Hub Options'

Log in and click 'Hub Options' in the menu on the left'.

Step 2 - Click 'Sharing'

Go to your Sharing options by clicking 'Sharing' in the menu at the top. The screen that opens will look something like this:

Step 3 - Uncheck 'Enable Pinterest Sharing'

Look for the 'Enable Pinterest Sharing' checkbox. If you've noticed that 'Pin it' button on images in your Hub, it's most likely that this box is checked.

Uncheck it to remove that button from images in your Hub, and you're done!

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Tyler Ryll

Before joining Uberflip as a Customer Success Specialist, Tyler received his BBA in Marketing and racked-up 10 years of sales/service/support experience in everything from gym memberships to SaaS products.

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