A New Model for Prospect Scoring

September 8, 2017

Jon Kane is the Senior Programs Manager at Brainrider, a leading agency that focuses on helping B2B companies leverage marketing technology to achieve their growth goals. Goals like 4500+ additional downloads of gated content and increased website leads by 140%. 

Jon is an expert when it comes to leveraging marketing automation platforms like Pardot and Marketo with Uberflip to get the most out of your content experience. Before Brainrider, Jon was also the Content Marketing Manager at Medgate where he managed their Uberflip Resource Centre. 


Find Your Model for Prospect Scoring with Brainrider

Do you know who your hottest leads are? Are you able to control the volume of leads passed to your sales team so that they only get their hands on the cream of the crop? Are you able to offer the right content to the right prospect at the right time? 


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Uberflip's Power Trio to a Better Content Experience

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