Beyond Basic Sales Streams

More information about how you can truly personalize your content experiences using our latest feature, Sales Streams.

  • Accessible to Team Leads, Content Managers, and Sales Reps.
  • Items do not link to native Streams.
  • Streams do not support CTAs (at least for now).
  • Sales Streams cannot be optimized for search engines.
  • Can be used with the Uberflip Platform Extension!

Sales Streams are designed to do one thing: allow you and / or your sales team to build unique and tailored content experiences that are hyper-targeted to specific audiences.

There's More

With Sales Streams, we've also built in the ability for you to copy a Marketing Stream!

What?! Let's say you have a Marketing Stream that's for one of your buyer personas. Your sales team uses that Marketing Stream but they have to sort through the content every time they talk to a different prospect.

Now your Sales Rep can Copy that Marketing Stream to a Sales Stream, and remove the Items that don't fit their prospect!

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How to Create a Sales Stream
How to Create a Sales Stream

Five steps to creating and using Sales Streams. Just five steps, we promise.

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