Sales & Success Streams: The Basics

Sales and Customer Success teams using your Marketing Streams? Wondering how you can further refine your content? Introducing our latest feature:  Sales & Success Streams (aka The Answer)!

What You Need to Know

  • Hidden Streams that can be used to privately share content.
  • An enclosed experience: inaccessible from your Hub. 
  • Great for fostering conversations at all stages of the buyer journey.
  • Easy to tailor content without using any of your Marketing Streams!


What Are Sales Streams?

Sales Streams are a group of Items from your Hub. Like Marketing Streams, you can choose content already published in your Hub for your Sales Streams without using any of your allotted Marketing Streams.

These Streams are isolated from your main Hub experience! Visitors to your Hub cannot access Sales Streams and vice versa: anyone who has access to a Sales Stream cannot navigate easily to your Hub.

Why Should You Use Sales Streams?

Two words: sales enablement

But it's more than that. Much more. Sales Streams organize content from your Hub for very specific audiences.

For example, where you might use a Marketing Stream for a buyer persona, Sales Streams would be used to target a few people within that buyer persona, or a specific person.

In this way, Sales Streams can be used to privately share content with leads, prospects, dev teams, support or marketing teams.

Who Should Use Sales Streams?

We designed Sales Streams with your SDR, Account Executive, and Account Management teams in mind, but Sales Streams can be used by anyone as long as the add-on is active on your account.

Once the Sales Stream is created, you can share the link to anyone, anywhere.

How Do You Use Sales Streams?

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