Sales Streams Using the Google Chrome and Outlook Extensions

August 14, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

Empower your sales teams with content using the Uberflip Extension and Sales Streams!

What Are Sales Streams and Why Should You Use Them?

Two words: sales enablement.

Sales Streams are a group of Items from your Hub. Like Marketing Streams, you can choose content already published in your Hub for your Sales Streams without using any of your allotted Marketing Streams.

These Streams are isolated from your main Hub experience! Visitors to your Hub cannot access Sales Streams and vice versa: anyone who has access to a Sales Stream cannot navigate easily to your Hub (this ensures that they're focused on the content you've chosen for them). 

Sales Streams have been designed with your SDR, Account Executive, and Account Management teams in mind, as a way for them to organize and share content from your Hub for very specific audiences. While a Marketing Stream may be used to target a buyer persona, a Sales Stream would be used to target a few people within that buyer persona or a specific person, prospect, or lead. 

What is the Uberflip Extension?

The Uberflip Google Chrome and Outlook Extensions allow your sales team to easily access your 

Hub's content without leaving their email program. Through the extension, they can create a new Sales Stream, send an existing Sales Stream, or any other content from your Hub directly to prospects and contacts. 

Installing the Uberflip Outlook Extension

Creating and Sharing Sales Streams with the Outlook Extension

Now that you have installed the Uberflip Outlook Extension, here's how you use it to effectively share content with your prospects and customers across the buyer journey.

Step 1 - Click the Uberflip for Outlook icon at the bottom of your email window. 

Step 2 - Find your Content 

  • Search through All Content, Recent content, or Sales Streams for content you'd like to share, or;
  • Select '+ Sales Stream' to create a new Sales Stream directly within the extension

Step 3 - Share your Content! 

Hover over a piece of Content, and either 'Share Stream...' to share an already existing stream, or 'Copy to Sales Stream' to add an individual piece of content or a marketing stream to your Sales Stream.

You can then select the size for your Sales Stream to appear in your email, and you're content is ready to be shared! 

Installing the Uberflip Chrome Extension

Installing the Uberflip Chrome Extension is incredibly easy. It only takes two simple steps:

Step 1:

Click here to access the Uberflip Extension in the Chrome Web Store. 

Step 2: 

Click the button labeled "+ ADD TO CHROME" to install the extension. 

Congratulations, You've successfully installed the Uberflip Chrome Extension!

Creating and Sharing Sales Streams with the Google Chrome Extension

Step 1 - Log in to Gmail and open a new email. Select the Uberflip logo in the bottom left corner. 

Note: Make sure you're also logged into your Uberflip account. 

Step 2 - Select '+Sales Stream' in the top right corner to add content and create a new Sales Stream.

Alternatively, if you created a Sales Stream within the app that you would like to share, select 'Sales Streams' in the top navigation bar. 

If you're creating a new Sales Stream:

Step 2 a) - Select the Hub (if you have multiple) from which you would like to pull content for your Sales Stream, and give your Stream a name and description. 

As a best practice, we recommend giving it a name personalized to your prospect (for example: Hi Angela!), and a clear description so they know what to expect (for example: Take a look at our latest content!).

Step 2 b) - Searching for Content to add to your Sales Stream

There are various methods for sorting and searching for your content to share: 

  1. At the Hub, Stream or Item level.  
  2. You can sort by type of Stream and type of content. For example, Marketing Streams, all Instagram content, all YouTube videos, etc. 
  3. Sort by content creation date, modification date or title. 
  4. Search directly for content you know you want to share. 

Step 2 c) - Adding Content to your Sales Stream 

By hovering over the tiles, you can add individual Items to a Sales Stream that you're creating.

When you've added all your desired content, click 'Done' in the bottom right corner.

Step 3 - Sharing your Stream 

If everything looks good to go, click 'Share Stream'

Select the size for your Stream's tile, and 'Share'

Congrats! You've successfully shared a Sales Stream using the Uberflip Extension!

Have questions or feedback about the Uberflip Extension? Let us know in the comment section below or reach out to us at or 1 (888) 694-2946.

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