How Hub Search Works

January 21, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Hub Search makes it easier than ever for your audience to find exactly what they're looking for in your Hub. Much more advanced than most searches, Hub Search takes context into account to make sure a user finds the most relevant piece of content in the most relevant Stream.

When viewing your Hub, you'll notice the search icon next to the share icon in the top navigation.

Clicking the search icon will cause the icon field to expand into a search box, You Hub menu will be inaccessible while a user is in "search mode". 

How Does Hub Search Work?

Hub Search will search non-hidden Hub Items in your blog, document, video, and Marketing Streams. Social feeds are excluded from search results at this time. The Search looks at Hub Item titles, descriptions, and content (except for Flipbooks, where only the title and description are searched). 

Search results are then sorted based on a relevance score. A relevance score can be influenced by various factors, such as the number of terms found in an article's title, description, and content.

When new Hub Items are added, deleted, or updated, the search database will be updated in near real-time, so that subsequent searches will show updated results.

What about Items in multiple Streams?

If an Item is present in multiple non-hidden Streams (for example, in several Marketing Streams), then a second search using the original search terms will be performed on the title and description of the streams that the Item belongs to.

This is done so we can serve up a version of the content that is most in line with what the user is searching for.

Based on our search algorithm, the Stream with the highest scored result will be shown unless all scores are the same, in which case the natural Stream (i.e. the home blog or video feed) is used unless that natural Stream is hidden. In this case, the Stream having the smallest id number will be used.

Recent Searches

Recent searches will be stored in a user's browser so that when they search again their most recent search terms will be shown. A maximum of 5 recently searched terms will be stored.

How Many Results Will Be Returned?

A limit of 100 results will be returned for any given search query.


If a user searches but does not see any results, chances are they have searched less than 3 characters. A search will not execute unless the user has typed three or more characters.

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