Setting Up Your Oracle Eloqua Integration

March 29, 2017 Uberflip Customer Success

Marketing automation with Oracle Eloqua is one of the most powerful things you can integrate into your lead nurture process, and needless to say, it goes hand in hand with effective content marketing.

Step 1: Obtain Your Oracle Eloqua API Information

Step 2: Connect Your Oracle Eloqua Account to Your Hub

Step 3: Enable Content Counters and Flipbook Tracking

Step 4: Create Custom Fields in Oracle Eloqua


Step 1 - Obtain Your Eloqua API Information

To setup your Oracle Eloqua integration, you will require four pieces of information:

  1. Your Eloqua Username;
  2. Your Eloqua Password
  3. Your Company Name (as it appears in Eloqua);
  4. An Eloqua Web Data Lookup Key.

You can find the instructions to create a Web Data Lookup Key here.


Step 2 - Connect Your Oracle Eloqua Account to Your Hub

In the Integrations area of your Hub, click the 'Connect' option for your Oracle Eloqua integration.

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Clicking on the 'Connect' button under the action section will load a popup window that will ask you for an 'Oracle Eloqua API key' and your 'Data Lookup Key'.

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Click 'Generate' and you'll be asked to enter your Eloqua Username, Password, and Company.

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Enter the required fields. Click 'Generate' and we'll base64 encode them to generate an API key for you. This key will be used to integrate your Uberflip Hub with your Eloqua account. 

Back on the original pop-up window, you'll notice that your Oracle Eloqua API key field has a value. Enter your 'Data Lookup Key' and hit 'Enter API Info'.

If the information entered is not valid, you'll see an error: “Invalid - Something’s wrong with the API Information”. Please double check your Oracle Eloqua API Key and Data Lookup Key and try again. If you continue to experience problems, please contact Uberflip's Customer Success Team.

NOTE: your Oracle Eloqua account will need to have API access enabled to setup the integration. If you are unable to integrate your Oracle Eloqua account, you can check with Oracle Eloqua to make sure you have API access enabled.  

Step 3 - Enable Flipbook Tracking and Content Counters

You'll want to enable 'Flipbook Tracking' and 'Content Counters' to track lead and contact engagement in your Hub. Once you've successfully integrated Oracle Eloqua with your Hub, you should see three buttons beside 'Oracle Eloqua' in the Integrations section: 'Disconnect', 'Edit' and 'Fields'.

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To enable the 'Flipbook Tracking' and 'Content Counters', click 'Edit'. From the 'Edit Settings' screen that pops up, check the 'Flipbook Tracking' 'Content Counters' box and hit 'Save'. 

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Important: If you do not want Uberflip to update the 'Original Lead Source' and 'Most Recent Lead Source' fields inside of Oracle Eloqua (and instead will rely on your own attribution fields), you'll want to uncheck the 'Set Lead Sources' box. Leaving this option checked will mean that Uberflip will attempt to update these fields for all contacts who submit a Form CTA on your Hub.

Step 4 - Create Custom Fields in Oracle Eloqua

From the Integrations page, click the 'Fields' button beside your Oracle Eloqua integration.

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A popup will appear with a list of fields you must create in Oracle Eloqua to track lead information. With these fields, you can track the last item a user viewed, as well as which items they submit a Form CTA on. 

If the fields are in red, they have not yet been created in your Oracle Eloqua account. To create these custom fields, click on 'Add' next to each field in the list. This will automatically create the fields in your Oracle Eloqua account. 

That's it! You're done. 

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