Getting Started with Lead Generating Form CTAs

January 13, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

Before you can create your first Form CTA, you'll need to integrate your marketing automation or email marketing tool and understand how Form CTAs function on your Hub.

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Integrating With Your Marketing Automation Tool

The Basics: How Form CTAs Operate For End-Users



Integrating With Your Marketing Automation Tool

A very important pre-requisite for creating Form CTAs is integrating Uberflip with your marketing automation or email marketing tool. Without the integration, we won't know where to send your user information. Click on one of the links below to learn how to set up your integration:



The Basics: How Form CTAs Work on Your Hub 

A Form CTA that appears on your Hub has 4 states: (1) Default, (2) Focus, (3) Error, and (4) Success. Of course, the Error state will only be shown in rare circumstance if something is broken or a user does not enter all required information. Each state is explained in more detail below: 

(1) Default State

The default state displays your messaging/tagline and the first field you have configured on the form portion of the Form CTA.  

(2) Focus State

When a user clicks on the first field, the Form CTA will slide upward and reveal the rest of the form fields. This view is the focus state. If you have more than 3 fields on your Form CTA, a scroll bar will also appear that allows the user to scroll to the bottom of the CTA.

(3) Error State

Once a user has filled out the fields and submitted the data by clicking the submission button, some basic data validation will occur.  If an email address has been asked for, it is checked to ensure it is in a valid format. For all other types of fields, the system will ensure that they have been filled out.  Once this has happened, the data is sent off to Uberflip and is then sent off to your marketing automation or email marketing tool.

During this time a loading spinner is displaying to the user.  If the data is not accepted by the marketing automation software, the error state is shown to the user for a few seconds before sending the user back to the focus state to double check their fields.  

(4) Success State

If the data goes through to your marketing automation or email marketing tool successfully, the CTA then displays its success state.  The success state shows the user that their data was accepted with a friendly check mark image, a customizable message, and the option of a button linking out to another page if specified.


Ready to create your first CTA? 

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