How to Replace a Landing Page with a Form CTA

February 22, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

For published premium content, landing pages may leave users with a fragmented experience. From landing page, to link, maybe an email, back to the content - it’s too many clicks. That’s where Uberflip Form CTAs come in.

If you are using a marketing automation tool, you are probably using landing pages. Whether a landing page helps you convert leads for demos, free trials, or to gate premium pieces of content, it's a necessity for many marketers. 

Form CTAs can replace a landing page when used at the Item Level to gate your premium pieces of content that have already been published. To get started, login to your Uberflip account, go to Call-to-Actions, and create a new Form CTA.

Keep in mind: f you haven’t integrated with your marketing automation tool, you’ll have to do so before getting started. 

Depending on which tool you're using, there will be different options available to you. 

Once you’ve completed the integration and design settings for your CTA, you can start placing.

This is where the Form CTA truly mimics a landing page. Select “Add a Placement”, and pick the stream where you've published the content that you would have used a landing page for.

To use a CTA in place of a landing page, you'll place the CTA at the Item level.

First, you'll have to disable any stream level placements by unchecking the box 'Will Appear after Item' (1).

Then, click 'Gate' for the 'At Item Level' placement (2).

When choosing the Items you'd like to gate, choose either 'All': 

Or 'Select'. If you click 'Select', a 'Find Items' button will appear where you can pick the specific Items you'd like to gate with a CTA:

A pop-up screen will show up where you can select which Items in the Stream to gate.

Once you've clicked 'Done', you'll be taken back to the 'Placements' tab for the CTA.

We recommend not using the delay feature, and not allowing visitors to skip the CTA. This ensures visitors fill out the CTA to access the resource. For you, this gets them through the marketing funnel faster and removes any barriers to accessing the content they want.

To do this, keep 'Initial Delay' as None (3) and leave the ‘Allow Dismissal’ option  unchecked (4).

With traditional landing pages, users don't always know what they're getting. But with a Form CTA, you can gate just a video or Flipbook. You can configure your CTA so that users can read anything you've included in the Item itself, below the video or Flipbook!

To do this, select the 'Show Item Body' option (5). 

This provides the user with a taste for what they are about to “pay” for with their information. Like here:

That's it! By using Form CTAs to gate premium pieces of content, you can mimic a landing page but without creating a complicated journey for your visitors.

Ready to start using Form CTAs as landing pages in your Hub? Click your Marketing Automation tool below for detailed instructions:

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