Session 3 - Convert Session Overview

This article will cover the key takeaways from our Session #3: "Convert" training. It will focus on creating Calls to Action (CTAs), how to use Link and Form CTAs within your Hub to gate items and convert visitors into qualified leads. You can also watch the Session #3 training video.

 Step 1: Link and Form CTAs

Step 2: Understand the Different CTA Placements

Step 3: Creating a Link CTA

Step 4: Creating a Form CTA 

Step 5: Your Marketing Automation Platform and Form CTAs

Step 6: Adding a background image to a CTA

Step 7: Now that you have completed Session 3


Step 1: The Difference Between Link and Form CTAs 

Link CTAs

Send your visitors to a page within your Hub, a web page of your choosing, or allow your visitors to email a specified email address.

Why Use Link CTAs:

  • To direct users to pages within the Hub (ex. you could link to a gated asset or series of assets)
  • Link users to your social networks 
  • Use a link with Query String parameters to allow attribution to your Hub for leads that may convert on your site
  • To direct users to landing pages

NOTE: Link CTAs are meant to push users to a different area within or outside of the Hub. We always want a user to consume content within the Hub. 

Form CTAs

Collect information from your visitors to further target them with marketing efforts. Form CTAs are connected to your Marketing Automation tool. 

Why Use Form CTAs:

  • To capture lead data
  • To gate valuable content (i.e. eBooks and Webinars)
  • To collect blog subscribers
  • To create a more seamless user experience - no landing pages needed!


  • Progressive profiling
  • Hidden Fields
  • Opt-in Box
  • Uses Tracking Cookies
  • "No Thank You" option (Dismissive)
  • Timed Delay
  • Gate multiple assets with the same CTA 

Step 2: Understand Different CTA Placements 

There are three CTA placement types:

  • Within a Stream (Stream level - Link or Form CTA)
  • Show Beside (Item level - Link or Form CTA)
  • Gated (Item level - only Form CTAs)

Within a Stream

Place Form or Link CTAs within a stream of content and always have a clear, content related ask on the page. 

  • Generally Top of the Funnel
  • Basic and small asks of the user (i.e. subscribe to our blog, add us on LinkedIn)
  • 1-3 fields maximum 
  • Meant to get a new lead into your MAP system to have them fall into a nurture campaign
  • Can be contextual to the specific stream save image

Show Beside

Place Form or Link CTAs as a Show Beside CTA and have it appear on all items in a specific stream. Great for collecting blog subscribers! 

  • Also Top of the Funnel
  • Meant to "blanket" all pieces of content that may not have a Hard or Dismissive Gate on it
  • Basic and small asks of the user
  • 1-3 fields maximum 
  • Meant to drive new leads


Place a Form CTA on top of an item to gate that item with a form. Once submitted the user can view or download the content immediately! No more waiting for an email with access to the content.

A Gated CTA can come in two forms:

  • Dismissive/Soft Gate - the user can select "No thanks" to opt out of submitting the CTA and still access the content
  • Hard Gate - the user must fill in the required details in order to access the content

Dismissive Gate (i.e. blog posts, videos)

  • Middle of the Funnel pieces of content such as blog posts and videos
  • Meant to ask a middle of the funnel style question (ex. Want a demo? Want to learn more about _______?)

Hard Gate (i.e. Whitepapers, eBooks, Webinars)

  • Meant for bottom of the funnel, valuable content 
  • Replace Landing Pages 

save image

Step 3: Create a Link CTA

More information about creating Link CTAs can be found here.

Step 4: Create a Form CTA

More information about creating Form CTAs can be found here.

Step 5: Notes about Form CTA Marketing Automation Lists/Forms and form fields

The form fields that will appear by default on your Form CTA include Email, First Name, and Last Name. You can choose which Form Fields to turn on and off with the check-boxes beside the form field name. Clicking the ‘Manage’ link above the form fields will display a pop up that will allow you to add new fields, change their order, and change the field types. This will be based on the marketing automation tool you have integrated. Almost any field in your marketing automation tool should be able to be added to your CTA (with the exception of multi-answer fields or radio button fields).

For Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot: Select the list that you would like the leads who submit the CTA to be added to. There are two primary approaches for choosing this list:

  1. One list for all leads from your Hub, you can then setup workflows around adding them to smart or dynamic lists.
  2. Specific lists for each CTA (for example, a list for the "Subscribe to our blog" CTA and a list for the "Access Whitepaper" CTA)

A note on Pardot: you have the option on the Layout tab to connect the Form CTA to a Pardot Form Handler. If you choose to do so, the only field that should be included on the Pardot Form Handler should be the "email address" field. Because of progressive profiling, you will not want to add any additional fields to the form handler (ex. first name, country).

For Eloqua: Select the Eloqua Form ID that you would like to connect to the Form CTA. By choosing a pre-created Eloqua form, we are able to import all the predefined fields associated with that form into Uberflip. Once a user fills out the Eloqua Form CTA from your Hub, it will be as if they have filled out the actual Eloqua Form. The only mandatory field on the Eloqua Form should be the "email address" field

Step 6: Adding a background image to a CTA

Adding a custom background image to your CTA is a quick and easy process. Check out this article for more information.

  1. When creating or editing a CTA, select the Design tab and click on the blue Upload button to upload your custom image. 

2. Locate and upload the desired image from your computer. 

3. We’ll then load your image into our Image Cropper tool where you can adjust what area of the image is visible on your CTA. When you’re done just hit Save!


Step 7: Now that you have Complete Session #3

1. Complete your Marketing Automation Integration                                                                  

2. Create a Link CTAForm CTA

3. Submit a Form CTA to make sure all fields pass over to your Marketing Automation tool correctly

4. Schedule your next Working Session

5. Sign up for Training #4: Distribution 

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