How to Use the Uberflip Outlook Extension

April 13, 2016 Uberflip Customer Success

Now that you have installed the Uberflip Outlook Extension, here's how you use it to effectively share content with your prospects and customers across the buyer journey.

Step 1 - Click 'Add-ins'.

In your email draft, you should see a button at the top that says 'Add-ins'. Click that button.

Step 2 - look for the Uberflip Outlook Extension add-in.

A list of your Outlook Add-ins will be displayed. Find the Uberflip Outlook Extension and select.

Step 3 - Find your Content and share!

In the Add-ins window, you'll see a list of the Content Streams from your Hub. Select the Stream, and then the Item you'd like in your email.

The Uberflip Outlook Extension will allow you to choose a small, medium or large version of the Tile for your message. Once you've configured the Tile the way you'd like, click the pink button at the bottom of the Add-ins window, and you're done!

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Using the Uberflip Extension
Using the Uberflip Extension

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