Nathan Virtue

February 11, 2015 Uberflip Customer Success

A bit about Nathan:

Since I joined Uberflip back in 2010 I definitely have less hair and more aches/pains, but that will never stop me from always doing my best to keep all Uberflippers happy and satisfied! It's always been my primary objective to help Customers use and understand software and my job at Uberflip has been no exception.  

I received a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from the University of Windsor in 2004, love Toronto Sports, and enjoy pickin' and a grinnin' on the ol' banjo!

Top 10 Questions about Nathan:

1. What’s your favourite food and why?

BBQ Garlic/Butter Shrimp, because it's BBQ, and it's Garlic and Butter, and it's Shrimp! Great summertime appetizer before the Steak/Burgers/HotDogs come!

2. What’s your favourite Uberflip feature?

Custom CSS.  Use it to trick out your HUB!

3. What do you like most about being a customer success specialist at Uberflip?

Helping our amazing Customers get the most out of our awesome products!

4. If you could fly to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

As I type this it is -40 Celsius outside with the windchill, so I have to say the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba or any other place where you don’t freeze your face off in 2 seconds.

5. Favourite Sports team?

GO RAPTORS! Bluejays come second.  I also love/hate the Toronto Maple Leafs (obligatory *sigh*)

6. If you could change your job title what would it be?

Friendly Neighborhood Supportman

7. What’s your favourite movie quote?

Jim Carrey: “Goodbye my lo...!” 

8. What smartphone do you use and why?

iPhone.  iOS makes it so easy to stream to your TV from your devices via Airplay and AppleTV and it’s a snap to share photos with friends and family who are also on iOS.

9. What’s your favourite website?


10. Who’s your favourite superhero?

​Ironman.  It doesn’t take superpowers to do amazing things when you have awesome technology!  Just like people who use Uberflip!

If you would like to speak with Nathan please feel free to call at 1-888-694-2946 ext 2 or by email at



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