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  • An Introduction to Uberflip Teams

    An Introduction to Uberflip Teams

    Adding team members to your account, to track activity, and have multiple logins

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  • Team Role: Authors

    Team Role: Authors

    How to create Authors on your account and the difference between Active and Inactive Authors.

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  • Team Role: Sales Rep

    Team Role: Sales Rep

    Read-only access to the Hubs management section, content score, and the embed features.

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  • Team Role: Analyst

    Team Role: Analyst

    Access to the Metrics section of your Uberflip account.

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  • Team Role: Demand Generation

    Team Role: Demand Generation

    Access to the lead generation tools including call-to-actions, marketing automation integrations and metrics.

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  • Team Role: Developer / Designer

    Team Role: Developer / Designer

    Access to the Appearance section of Hubs, Flipbooks, embed features, and the ability to manage the overall look and feel.

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  • Team Role: Content Manager

    Team Role: Content Manager

    Access to nearly all Uberflip functionality, except the ability to add or manage users and Hubs.

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  • How to Change Your Hub's Team Lead

    How to Change Your Hub's Team Lead

    Hint: it's easy!

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