Welcome to the Uberflip Chrome Extension!

Congratulations! You've just downloaded an Uberflip Extension! Here's how you use it.

*NOTE:  If you've just installed an update to the Extension, make sure you refresh any browser tabs prior to using the Extension again.

You can access Uberflip Extensions by either right clicking when you're in a web editor (such as the visual editor in WordPress), or when you're writing or editing a message in Gmail.

Web Editor

Right click inside your web editor and look for the 'Insert Content from Uberflip...' option.

Uberflip Extension for Chrome


Look for the Uberflip icon at the bottom of your email editor:

right click to use Uberflip Extension for Chrome

Click here to learn more about sharing content Items, Streams, and Hubs in emails to prospects and  customers. 

The Possibilities

The team is really excited about this. Sales, Recruiting, Success, Marketing: nearly everyone in the team is getting into Uberflip Extensions.

"I love Uberflip Chrome Extensions. Now when customers have questions that our Knowledge Base can answer, I have a cool way to send them the information they need. Can't wait to see what the dev team comes up with next! "

- Tyler Ryll, Sales Engineer

"On the Sales team, we're always looking to utilize & leverage content to our advantage. With Uberflip Chrome Extension, we can now easily pull in any piece of content that lives on our content hub, and send them directly to prospects via email, in tile format. Not only is it a great tool for sharing content, but a great way to drive leads to our Uberflip Hub."

- Avi Rothschild, Account Development

Have questions or feedback about the Uberflip Chrome or Outlook Extensions? Let us know in the comment section below or reach out to us at success@uberflip.com or 1 (888) 694-2946 x 2!

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