New GDPR Feature: Conditional CTA Form Fields

April 24, 2018 Uberflip Customer Success

Looking to get started preparing for GDPR compliance? We have updated our platform to include Conditional CTA Form Fields, giving you the ability to customize your visitors' CTA experience. 

This article includes:

  • An overview of Conditional CTA Form Fields
  • An example use case for Conditional CTA Form Fields and GDPR
  • Important next steps to prepare for GDPR compliance

Overview of the Conditional CTA Form Fields

Not every user requires the same Form CTA experience. For example, an EU resident may require more complex opt-in fields compared to a US citizen. Implementing a one-size fits all approach means that the highest level of complexity is always required for every user, potentially hurting your conversion rates. With Conditional Form Fields, you can tailor the CTA experience to your users based on specific input fields. 

Example Use Case for Conditional CTA Form Fields and GDPR

To illustrate how this feature works, let’s look at an example relating to a potential GDPR use case. In this example, we have a Form CTA with the following fields:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country 
  • Company
  • Email 
  • I'm an EU Citizen (Checkbox)
For users that are EU citizens, we would also need to display specific privacy policy language and one (or many) opt-in fields. For US citizens, these fields aren’t necessary. A perfect case for Conditional Form Fields!
Note: Conditional Form Fields can only be used when a Form CTA already has a "Select (Drop Down)" or "Checkbox" field in it. Since the "I'm an EU Citizen" field above is a checkbox, we can add conditional form fields that display based on whether or not this field is checked. 
In this particular example we'll want to add two new conditional fields to this CTA:
  • Privacy Policy Label
  • Email Opt-in 

Privacy Policy Label

This is a new field type that can be added to any Uberflip Form CTA. It allows the marketer to input their own privacy snippet. 

Step 1: When adding a new field, select "Label Only" from the field type drop down. 

Step 2: You'll then be able to give your new field a label and input your own text that will be shown on your Form CTA. 

Step 3: You'll also see a new field labeled "Displays." This is where you can set your field to always show, or show conditionally based on another field in the form. Choose "Conditionally" from the drop-down. 

Step 4: Forms fields set to display conditionally will show a new section called "Field Conditions" where you can build out simple conditions for your field. In the case above, we'll choose to show this field when I'm an EU Citizen, is Equal to, Checked


Email Opt-in Field 

Since your visitor is from the EU, you'll also need to receive explicit consent before adding them to your email list. For this, you can choose to add our default opt-in field or an existing one through your MAP integration.


Note: You can also set multiple conditions on the same form field. For example, if you wanted to conditionally show the field above based on the "Country" field, you could add conditions for each Country included in the EU. 

Important Next Steps to Prepare for GDPR compliance

  • Determine which opt-in and privacy policy fields will need to be added to your CTAs
  • Set up any required opt-in and privacy policy fields in your Marketing Automation Platform
  • Determine the conditions under which your conditional fields should display (for example, if Country = France, Spain or Germany, display the GDPR Opt-In field)


Have questions, concerns, or comments? Don't hesitate to contact our Support Team at or 1 (888) 694-2946.

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