FTP Scheduler: Automatic Remote Upload

October 5, 2011 Uberflip Customer Success

We know you are busy so in order to save time, you can setup automatic FTP uploads of your files for processing. You'll need a working FTP server and after setting up your folder's FTP schedule, just make sure your files are available and our system will do the work!

Just edit the folder of your choice and on the left side menu, choose Automation>FTP Scheduler and do the following (refer to the screenshot below):

1. Check "Activate Scheduling for this Folder" checkbox

2. FTP Settings - Our system needs to know where to look for your files for upload.  Fill out the fields:

  • FTP servers address
  • Directory on your FTP server where your file(s) will be located
  • Username and Password to access your FTP server
  • Port number (typically this is 21, but make sure this matches your remote server)

3. Scheduling Settings - When do you want your file to be picked up?  Tell us:

  • Frequency
    • Daily - Choose the days of the week you want to upload
    • Weekly - Choose which day each week to do the upload
    • Monthly - Choose which day of the month to do the upload
  • File Pickup/Process Time:  Time at which you know your file will be available. 
  • If your file is not available at the scheduled time, our system will send you an email indicating an FTP error and will try again 1 hour later
  • If the second attempt fails our system will send you a second email indicating an FTP error and will try again 1 hour later
  • If the third attempt fails, our system will send you a third and final email indicating the final attempt failed and you must perform the upload manually
  • Flipbook Activation Time:  Time at which you want your publication to be live to the public (must be at least 1 hour after the initial pickup time)

4.  Auto Link - Check this box if you want our Auto Link Tool to be engaged on your remote uploaded PDF to automatically recognize URL and email address and create interactive links.   If you have other predefined custom auto link jobs created, they will also be available here to be used on your remote upload.

5. Flipbook Preferences - Naming Convention:  Choose what you want your converted Flipbook to be named

  • Choose various date formats for your Flipbook
  • Match the PDF filename for the Flipbook name
  • Choose the next month (good to use for monthly publications if you are getting your file ready before the 1st of the month)

6. File Options - Choose how our system will treat files in the target FTP directory

  • Single File - Picks up one file only to use 1 upload Upload.  Will grab the first file in the folder (alphabetical) if more than one file exists.
  • Merge All Files into 1 file - If your publication comes to you in separate pages, our system will merge all files in the target FTP directory using 1 upload.  
  • Process All files Separately (Batch Processing)- Our system will treat each file found in the target PDF directory as a separate upload and will use 1 upload for each file.  Great if you have a high volume of files to upload or if you are catching up on your archive editions!

7. Click "Update" to save the new FTP settings OR click "Go Back" to cancel


Updated January 25th/2015

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