How To Upload Your PDF Into Uberflip

To create a Flipbook, you must have a source PDF to provide the Application, where it is converted for view on desktops with the Flipbook Flash interface, and mobile devices with the Mobile HTML5 interface.  Once uploaded, your PDF becomes a "Flipbook".

Accessing the Create Flipbook Wizard

From the top menu, select Flipbooks > Upload PDF


Create Flipbook Wizard - Step by Step

Once the Create Flipbook Wizard popup is displaying, follow the instructions below.  Click on the "Cancel" button on the bottom right of screen if you want to exit the Wizard.

Step 1 - Choose your File(s)

Referring to the screenshot below:

  1. There are multiple ways you can feed your PDF into our Application for conversion to a Flipbook
    • From My Computer
      If you've got your file saved on your computer you can choose this option and upload the file to the Application
    • Import from URL
      If your file is stored remotely and accessible via a link, just paste that URL and our system will Fetch and Process that file. Note that FTP is not supported here.  Use FTP Scheduler if your files are stored on an FTP server
    • From Dropbox, or Google Drive
      To grab a PDF from your Dropbox, or Google Drive account, you'll first have to authorize your account through a secure process.  The Application will direct you after clicking on the  "Authorize service" button.  After authorization, click on the "Revoke Access or Change account" link on the bottom right of screen if you need to stop the integration or change accounts
  2. If using Dropbox, and Google Drive Integrations: You can select multiple PDFs to submit and convert to Flipbooks in one request! Each PDF selected will use 1 Upload Credit and will be converted into its own separate Flipbook.
  3. Click Next Button to get to Step 2 - Flipbook Settings


Step 2 - Choose your Flipbook Settings

Define the location, name and publish date.  Referring to screenshot below:

  1. Select a Folder for your Flipbook (NOTE: Starter level accounts/trials only have 1 Folder so this step is not required)
  • A Folder is ALWAYS required to upload a Flipbook
  • If you do not already have a Folder created, you will be asked to do so upon first clicking on "Upload PDF"
  • Name your Flipbook
  • This field will pre-populate based on your PDF filename (without the .PDF at the end)
  • You can simply overwrite the pre-populated text to choose an appropriate name if neccessary (examples: May 2012 Edition; Tuesday, August 6, 2012; Special Edition; 2012 Financial Report; etc)

When should your Flipbook publish/activate?

  • Immediately:  Flipbook will immediately become live and accessible by the public via the unique URL
  • At a specific Date and Time:   Flipbook will automatically become active at a future date/time
    • Select the day, month, year, hour, minute and am/pm that you would like the Flipbook to go live on
    • With this option the Flipbook will be assigned a status of "future pub", and can only be viewable by the account holder when they are logged into the system via various "Preview" links throughout the Application
  • Click on Next button to move on to Step 3 - Flipbook Options (click Prev button to return to Choose File screen)


Step 3 - Choose Flipbook Options and Submit File for Processing

On this step you will choose options for processing.  Referring to screenshot below:

1. Auto Link (OPTIONAL)

  • Select an autolink job to automatically create interactive links during initial processing
  • Default website/emails job is always available here and will recognize embedded font/text in standard website and email formats and create links
  • Any other previously created autolink jobs for the Folder will also be available here for selection to apply at initial Flipbook processing
  • Processing Option (OPTIONAL)

2. Activate Sharpening Filter:  Check this option if you have very fine text that you want sharpened for view on mobile devices

  • This option checks each pixel and surrounding pixels 

3. Click on "Upload" button(3)

  • If Uploading from your computer, please wait until the transfer has completed
  • If Fetching from URL, Dropbox or you can navigate the Application while your Flipbook processed in the background

Step 4 - File Processing

Once you reach this step, the system has completely taken over and you can feel free to navigate around to other pages using your browser.

The system must now analyze and extract all components of the PDF so it can be rebuilt for the files displayed on the Flipbook and Mobile platforms.

Step 5 - PDF processed and Flipbook created

Once processing is completed your Flipbook has been created!  You can now begin formatting, enhancing and promoting your new Flipbook!

Click on the Flipbook thumbnail in your Folders/Flipbook page to access the Settings & Options popup.


  • Always be sure to review your Flipbook within 12 hours of upload and delete the Flipbook if there are any major problems, mistakes, omissions or quality concerns.  Delete within 12 hours and you'll get your Upload back so you can reformat your PDF as necessary and re-upload
  • Deleting the Flipbook past 12 hours will not recoup your Upload and you will lose the Upload forever
  • You may see processing errors as a final result as well.  In these cases you can delete the Flipbook at any time and you will get your Upload back.  Errors include
    • Filesize limit exceeded (PDF filesize exceeded the allotted limit of 500MB)
    • Page dimensions exceeded  (page dimensions exceeded 430 square inches)
    • File is Corrupt (something is wrong with the PDF and it is not Adobe compliant.  Reformat the PDF using Adobe Acrobat)
    • Processing Error (unknown problem with the PDF and it is not Adobe compliant.  Reformat the PDF using Adobe Acrobat)



Last Updated: January 25th/2015


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